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Over her body. Control that she had lost, or seemed to lose, when she was unable to push the baby out. Then there was Azareel's punishment for her desire to rejoin her husband, a bucuresti punishment which once again removed her own body from her control. With this in mind, imobiliare bucuresti Doc had recommended that they wait at least three more months to see if she did not ease up on the intense exercise of her own accord. He also suggested adding to her responsibilities, so she'd have something else to do with her time. I believe that you're doing well, Venice. You are much better than I would have ever thought, back when we did the cesarean section, Doc told her. Just don't push yourself too hard. You'll have to slow down when you receive another embryo. Remember that. She nodded, obviously viewing it as something that wouldn't happen for quite a while. We will see to it, Doctor, Azareel was formal. Thanks again for coming. I'll have Zelos take you back, if you are ready. Yes. Good to see both of you again. Let us know if we can help you, in any way. This last he directed toward Venice. For a moment, their eyes locked. Understanding, she nodded again, and moved to stand by her alien consort, an affirmation of her decision to remain. Without a further glance, Freebody left, following Zelos to a waiting hovercraft. Azareel watched out the window until the doctor was aboard the craft and then turned to his concubine. My Lady, I wanted to know what the good doctor thought about your resuming pregnancy. Although he believes you are doing well physically, he does not think that you are imobiliare bucuresti quite ready, yet. Azareel, I thought we had an understanding about that. Yes. But you are doing so well, I thought we might get a reprieve. Azareel let only part of his disappointment show. He did seem impressed with your body, however. I know that I am. The huge Archeon put an arm around her waist, and she did not pull away, although the doctor's questions about the brand did nothing to make her read feel amorous. He reached down, caressing the line of her jaw, turning her face toward his, leaning down to kiss her. imobiliare bucuresti Venice never initiated any love play with him, but she had learned long ago that to resist made Azareel angry, and that his anger was not easy to live with, so she allowed him to caress her. Despite his size, his touch was gentle and skillful. In fact, she found his love play disarming, so much so that she was not entirely unresponsive when he pulled her into bed beside him. *** The shuttle settled into the landing bay smoothly. In her first attempt at a solo flight, outside of computer simulations, Venice made the journey from the surface of Tylos IV to the Archeonite III without any mishaps and landed like a pro. She had been practicing flying the shuttle for a couple of months, first in simulations, then with an android copilot, now on her own. Azareel had told her that he approved of her desire to learn the skills involved in piloting, but he had taken great care in her instruction, because he was concerned for her safety. Once on board, she disembarked and toured the ship with Cention, the android commander of the vessel. Azareel usually performed this weekly, but he had seemed glad to hand it over to her. Venice enjo the tour, as she enjo being given more responsibility in helping govern the Archeons.